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Sanitation Procedures


I am committed to using only the highest quality products and maintaining the best sanitation/disinfection procedures possible in order to offer you a safe and comfortable environment.


At Nails by Theresa your health and safety are my priority. I adhere to the strict guidelines for achieving high level disinfection. All metal implements are cleaned and disinfected after each client. All work surfaces are cleaned with disinfectant after each client. Each customer receives  their own clean files, buffers, sandals and toe separators which are either discarded or given complimentary with each service. Each pedicure client receives their service in a basin that is EPA registered Hospital grade disinfected BEFORE AND AFTER each client  eliminating any worry about cross contamination.

No MMA products are used in our salon.

For your convenience, the following daily sanitation procedures for many of the materials and implements that you come in contact with throughout my services. If you have any questions regarding these sanitation procedures, please do not hesitate to ask.



Metal implements:

Metal implements are scrubbed with a clean brush and antibacterial soap, rinsed and placed in a EPA registered hospital-level disinfectant for a minimum of ten minutes. The disinfectant is changed regularly so that the solution is always a clear blue—indicating it is still effective.

Manicure table:

The manicure table is cleansed with an EPA registered hospital-grade disinfectant.

Porous supplies:

Any supply that is porous cannot be soaked in a disinfectant, and therefore any of these materials that come in direct contact with a person's skin is thrown away after each use.

Nail files:

All nail files disposed of after each use.